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Resources and services faculty and students work toward greater information literacy.





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The Instructional Services Program

"Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information," (ACRL). 

USM librarians work with faculty to provide the instruction students need to succeed. Whether in-class or online, librarians  provide the core research skills training that supports learning at every level. The Research Skills Toolbox above enables instructors and students to access a range of tools that can help with such instruction.

Schedule Instruction

Instructors are encouraged to schedule instruction for classes using the contacts below. USM librarians work with instructors to provide effective instruction in the way that best fits each class.

Types of Instruction

We are happy to provide instruction in whatever form works for faculty. Below are our most commonly requested types of instruction. In addition, we recommend starting with the online Research Skills Toolbox, which allows faculty to provide much of the basic instruction themselves in class or online. Librarians can be scheduled to follow with more in-depth instruction or exercises.

50-minute lecture/demo:

  • Librarians offer instructional sessions that provide information about sources and research strategies for a specific course or assignment. Sessions are usually one class period long. We can provide a hands-on research experience in class or online.

Entry Year Experience

  • Librarians and instructors work together to provide the type in instruction that fits class needs.

LAC 188

  • Instructors schedule a library tour and instruction. The librarian visits the class around week 10 to provide basic research instruction. The instructor uses the Instructor's Toolbox to provide additional instruction and exercises.

ESP 197

  • 1 credit/10--week lab that teaches the full range of research skills, with a small literature review as the final product. Students learn advanced searching skills, citation style and tools, identifying and finding peer-reviewed sources, critical thinking, and more.

Research Skills Toolbox

  • Instructors use the Toolbox to provide all or part of required instruction themselves.

Scheduled Instruction

  • Instructors schedule a 50-minute lecture/demo. See the Request Instruction tab at the top of this page.

Embedded Librarian

  • Reference librarians collaborate with faculty to integrate library instruction into courses that contain a significant research component or that require the use of specialized electronic or print resources. Such instruction consists of lectures, learning activities and group work presented in short sessions throughout the term.

Library Tours (may be scheduled or drop-in)

  • We offer an overview of the building's layout, holdings, and services, but do not offer any in-depth instruction. Generally 15 - 30 minutes


Questions? Contact Bill Grubb, Head of Reference & Instructional Services, 780-4672 or

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