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Resources for Thinking Matters participants.

Digital Commons

The Digital Commons is an online repository of all USM output that can be digitized. Designed to make this content rise to the top of Google searches, it typically results in much greater interest and access worldwide. It is strongly suggested that all Thinking Matters students submit the completed form (below) to the Honors Office to have posters and/or oral presentations included in the repository.

Need Help?

Students are encouraged to schedule a consultation on writing their abstract by using the contacts below.

Zip Kellogg
Glickman Library
University of Southern Maine
(207) 780-5661,

Pat Prieto
Glickman Library
University of Southern Maine

Sample Abstracts



Thinking Matters

Innovative teaching and creative work – whether in a classroom, in a lab or in a studio – are the heart of any dynamic university culture.  At University of Southern Maine, it is showcased at Thinking Matters, a one-day, once-a-year conference, that is a capstone that reflects what's going on all year long in departments all across campus.  It promotes the high quality student-faculty research collaborations and opportunities available to both graduate and undergraduate students. It's an event that allows students and faculty to share their work with each other, their colleagues, and the general public. Students are encouraged to participate and present their research as posters or oral sessions.

USM Libraries support Thinking Matters by providing workshops on writing abstracts, designing and producting posters in PowerPoint and using PowerPoint to support oral presentations. Faculty Mentors are encouraged to schedule a workshop.

All current Thinking Matters content is accessible via the Thinking Matters website.Past poster presentations are permanently accessible via the Digital Commons.


Creating Posters Using PowerPoint

Posters are used to graphically present the essence of your research. As such they need to follow any guildeline that have been provided.Text size and font, colors, organization and other factors can greatly enfluence the effectiveness of a poster. 

Contact Bill Grubb,, 780-4672 for personal assistance in creating your poster in PowerPoint.